Have you ever been in a situation where you were unsure of what kind of photo you should display on Amazon for your products?

If so, fret not, because we’re here to help!

In this guide, we’re going to give you the breakdown of Amazon’s image requirements for its sellers, why it’s important to have product images in the first place, and how they can help you make your dream business a reality.

Why are Product Images Important For Your Amazon Business?

Trust us when we say this, in today’s world of online shopping, the best way to look credible as a seller is to show buyers exactly what they’re getting into.

Not only do product images help you look more trustworthy, they give you all the freedom in the world to create an attractive digital persona for yourself in front of sellers who are looking for a trend, an innovative outlook and a larger than life persona to interact with.

So get in there! With all these advantages, no wonder they say images are worth a thousand words. Get on the image express and get yourself rolling!

Technical Requirements that You Must Fulfill


There are some requirements that you’ve got to keep in mind before choosing any photos for your products. You don’t want to spend hours and hours choosing the right photos only to find out that they don’t match Amazon’s criteria. Ouch!

Here are a few things you need to know.

  • IFF (.tif/.tiff), JPEG (.jpeg/.jpg), GIF (.gif) or PNG (.png) format
  • The dimensions of your images should be at least a thousand pixels or more.
  • File names must consist of the product identifier (Amazon ASIN, 13-digit ISBN, EAN, JAN, or UPC) followed by a period and the appropriate file extension (Example: B000123456.jpg or 0237425673485.tif)
  • sRGB or CMYK color mode.

Amazon Standards for Product Images

Amazon upholds strict standards for its sellers when it comes to these images. Guys, this is to make sure that every seller conforms to one standard and any chance of an unfair advantage when it comes to advertising is eliminated.

  • The images that you put up should be proper photos of your products, don’t try to upload drawings or paintings of your products.
  • Any content that is pornographic in nature, or offensive, is not allowed.
  • The image should be simple. It should not have additional text and graphics within its parameters.
  • The image backgrounds must be plain white in color.
  • The image must be taken in proper conditions, with good lighting and smooth edges.
  • As for the product, all of it should be displayed in the frame of the photo.

How to Use Product Images to increase Sales? - Tried & Tested Tips

Confused about how to use images to show the world what you want it to see? We’ve got you covered, here’s some advice to get you up to speed.

Use Variety of Images

You need to choose photos that show the customer every aspect of your product.

One way to do that is to pick a variety of images for your products, focusing on different angles, emphasizing different qualities and appealing to different users.

Try to be as original as you can. The products won’t sell themselves!

If you’re advertising a backpack, don’t just photograph the exterior of the bag and throw it on to your product page. To get a different perspective, maybe try to photograph the inside of the bag, emphasizing unique features, such as inside pockets, partitions, and so on.

Use High-Quality, Professional Images - Make Investments


Choose images that are high-resolution and have vibrant colors. Do pay attention to the colours of the photos.

Remember that you should ideally use high quality images for the MAIN and child SKU images. It helps with receiving more clicks, because your image really is the number one thing you can market yourself off.

Invest in good equipment, or hire a professional photographer. Buy a tripod maybe, a memory card, a white paper roll, and so on.

Again, don’t be afraid to invest in better equipment, lighting and research. It’ll come back to you in the end.

Utilize Entire Frames - Minimize White Spaces

Obviously, your images should be fitted so that they look visually appealing. There are a few things to take care of here, though.

Sometimes, sellers lose sight of the entire frame and focus only on the subject of the image. It’s important to look at how your image fits the frame. Try to edit images to remove as much white space as possible, it’ll make them less unsightly.

Amazon tells you that 1000 x 1000 dimension images are the minimum, but recommends 1500 x 1500.

Show Your Product in Action

You can use images to show important information about your products.

For example, you can use step by step images to show how your product is pieced together. You can also show how it operates, keeping in mind Amazon’s constraints and regulations.

If you have a product you can show dynamically through photos, please do! Buyers will appreciate the effort you’re taking to give them a detailed view of the different components and working of your products.

Edit Your Photos (It’s actually not that difficult)


Worried about how to edit and reconfigure your photos? You don’t have to worry about a thing!

A lot of computer apps are pretty easy to use and great for editing purposes.

Programs like Photoshop and Picasa can help you edit your photos without too much hassle. Their white background also means that you don’t have to worry about them not being compliant with Amazon’s standards.

It’s totally easy to do, and everyone’s doing it. Time to step up and get editing!

How to Add Photos to Your Amazon Product Listing?

Guys, when you actually get down to it, there might be some things that you don’t fully understand in the beginning. To help you in that regard, we’ve compiled a step by step procedure that tells you exactly what you need to do to add photos to your product listing!

Method 1:

Here, you can add products by using Amazon’s “product tool”. The image describes the exact way to do that.


Method 2:

The “Manage Inventory” tool can be used to add/change images that you have uploaded on Amazon.


All of this is incredibly simple to do, and literally anyone can do it. If you keep all the tips we’ve given you in mind, you’ll be attracting potential buyers in no time!

Quick Recap

We’ve talked about how important images are in making or breaking your brand and your “digital persona”.

We discussed the technical requirements you have to fulfill in order for you to add photos to your listings and things that Amazon recommends.

We also gave you some pretty useful tips on choosing images, framing, quality and editing! Also, to erase any ambiguities still left in your mind, we gave you a procedure to add photos to your listings.

Just know your targets, be aware of your own strengths and weaknesses, and keep exploring. Explore new backgrounds, angles and tricks!

Images are the most powerful way to attract customers, believe us. If you do the right things, we guarantee better opportunities and larger audiences!

Feel free to contact us about anything you need help with! We’d be glad to help!

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