Below is a post written by Pixelfy user and founder of Seller Chatbot, Paul Harvey. We have included this case study to show exactly how our customers are utilizing Pixelfy to maximize their launches. Paul has conducted an excellent experiment with two launches - one with Pixelfy and one without. See his results below: made a huge update recently with their Deep Links. This means that once a user clicks on that link it will automatically open the Amazon App. This is good for a number of reasons:

  • According to stats, the 4 most used Apps are Messenger, Gmail, Facebook and Amazon. And if you are using chatbots then you will hit on 3 of these apps during the sales process.
  • So if the user will see the ad on Facebook, chat to your bot on Messenger and then purchase using the app.
  • The user will already have their payment and address in the app, so that is one less hurdle for the customer.
  • We are sending external traffic to the app, which Amazon always appreciates.
So this was the test: Are Deep Links more effective than standard links? 🤔

The Strategy: I ran Facebook ads for 2 brands at $25 per day per product giving away discounts between 20% and 80% for 7 days. Except one will use and the other a standard link.

When the user sees the ad on Facebook they will click on it and it will lead to a bot flow where the user will be given a coupon code and Search and Buy instructions.

Also, in the Search and Buy instructions I am rotating the keyword. That way the user will receive 1 of 2 or 3 KW's that I am targeting and they will use it in the Search and Buy.

I do not use the special links as they will not allow a true Search and Buy purchase to take place. So the only link I use is the standard "Any URL" link as it is still a deep link.

In all honesty, I never use super URL's or any type of URL software as I purely go for Search and Buy where links are not needed. does have a lot of features and links that I am not using, but I wanted to aim for True Search and Buy with no shortcuts. I have yet to fully implement all the other links.


The results were better than expected!!!

Brand 1 was all new products and easier to rank. I launch products pretty much all the time and had never seen such impressive rankings with such a small amount of discounts and ad spend. The Brand 1 products are now selling between 20 - 50 units each per day!!!

Brand 2 was more established and these products are well over a year old and hence, the honeymoon period is well over. So in this case, you can't really compare the two. However, even though these products are already established, there should have been bigger movement.


Deep links for the win!!

As I mentioned, I launch products all the time and the option of using Search and Buy with Deep links is incredibly powerful and I have tested this across other launches as well!

I have now incorporated in all of my flows! It takes just minutes...when running Search and Buy flows, at the point where you point them to the Amazon homepage, change this link to a link that leads to the Amazon homepage. That way it will open the Amazon App automatically.



To find reach Paul you can contact him at (

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