Hey everyone! Quickly dropping in to let you know a new thing we’ve discovered that’s helping us with our business in this ever-changing Amazon landscape. Weeks ago Amazon announced some new rules which greatly affected Amazon sellers, especially those who are using FBA. They have limited the inbound deliveries of non-essential items and also delayed shipments to customers.This resulted in a huge drop of sales for many sellers - with customers preferring those with faster delivery options. But hope is not yet lost. We discovered Deliverr as a great solution. You can outsource FBM deliveries to them and thus making delivery of items to your customers faster. You can also increase your chances of winning the buy box with their prime tags. And if you're a Walmart owner, Deliverr is also available on that platform. If you want to learn more on ranking on Walmart using RebateKey and Deliverr, watch this.

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