“93% of buyers say that reviews impact their purchase decision”

This means that if positive feedback can improve sales, negative feedback can do exactly the opposite. And this is NOT good for business.

Considering the importance, this blog post will cover all aspects of seller feedback removal.

Note that, we will only be focusing on “SELLER FEEDBACK”

So, without wasting any more time, let’s look into a few solutions:

Step-by-Step Procedure for Buyers to Remove Seller Feedback:

Sometimes the buyer will need some instructions about removing the feedback. It is cumbersome but a delight for the seller.

Here are the three basic steps that a buyer can follow:

  1. Navigate to your submitted feedback
  2. Under “personalization” you will find an option “Remove feedback submitted by you”
  3. Click “remove link” parallel to the feedback you want to remove

Note: If you cannot find the “remove option” then the 60 days period has expired.

Can Amazon Remove Seller Feedback?

Sadly enough, Amazon does not remove feedback of any kind. The seller has to resolve the issue on his own.

There is also a piece of good news though, there are some situations when Amazon will strike-through.


We have sorted out a list of situations when Amazon will do so:

  1. The feedback contains abusive language
  2. The feedback is filled with seller’s personal information
  3. Or, it is a product review all-together

If you believe that the feedback you received falls under any of the above-mentioned categories go to the feedback manager page.

However, there’s another solution to get feedback removed. This is by contacting the buyer directly. Let’s see how you can do that.

How to Contact the Buyer for Feedback Removal?

Do you know that Amazon has given buyers a superpower?

They can remove feedback. The best possible way is to get in touch with the buyer. Resolve their concerns, and politely ask them to revoke their feedback.

….you never know when buyers may have a change of heart.

When Does Amazon Strikethrough in the Feedback Removal Phase?

This may sound unfair to a few sellers. But, there are times when a buyer leaves feedback that has everything to do with Amazon.

Take this into account, the seller fulfilled his promise of sending a fur coat but Amazon delivered the product late. Now, the buyer has left feedback that says “arrived late”. Amazon will not delete this comment but will put a line on it and it will not count against your metrics.


Why do I Need to Get Negative Seller Feedback Removed?

Unlike any other feedback, seller feedback has a direct impact on your sales.

“If you don’t already know, Amazon marketplace is highly seller cynical”

Let’s discuss various reasons why you need to get negative seller feedback removed:

1. It’s all About Ratings:

Negative seller feedback has a direct impact on your rating.

You can get away with negative product feedback, but, seller feedback can get messy. As we all know, ratings are the major factor in getting chosen for Amazon BUY BOX, so we recommend that you don’t take any risks.


2. Negative Seller Feedback Can Get your Selling Privileges Revoked:

Let’s back up a bit, the seller feedback rating is not the only factor you should be worried about. ODR (order defect rate) is another essential element that determines the eligibility of your Amazon selling privileges.

To sum it up for you, Amazon states that an ODR above 1% can make you lose your selling privileges.

Let’s take an in-depth look at ODR and the variables that affect it:

Order Defect Rate:

Here’s a quick definition:

The Order Defect Rate (ODR) is a performance metric that Amazon uses to rate the seller's customer service standards. The ODR is calculated based on the number of times the negative metrics (mentioned below) were incurred divided by the number of overall orders received within a given period of time.

More about order defect rate here.

To be precise, there are three major elements that have a profound effect on ODR:

  • Negative Feedback Rate

    It is a percentage accumulated after calculating the total number of negative feedback you have received.

Note: If the buyer has removed feedback, it still takes 48 hours for Amazon to alter the metrics. Thus, it will be visible on your profile until then.

  • A-Z Guarantee Claims:

The following checklist describes the type of claims that impact your ODR:

  • You or Amazon canceled the order
  • Claims pending a decision
  • Claims debited and granted from your account

Good news? There are some claims that have no impact on your ODR:

  • Claims that have been withdrawn by the buyer
  • Claims that are denied to the buyer

Note: The claim will be removed from your account if you win the claim

  • Credit Card Chargeback:

This may sound very similar to A-Z guarantee claims but the credit card issuer makes the final decision instead of Amazon.

Possible problems associated with this claim include:

  • Buyer claims that they have not received the product
  • Buyer received a damaged product

Note: To communicate with the buyer, check the details on the “communicate with buyer’s page on seller central”

How to View Your ODR?

In order to view your order defect rate, follow this simple procedure:

  • Navigate to the “account health page”
  • In the customer service section click “view details”
  • Select the “order defect rate” tab and scroll down “click download report”

Yes, that’s it. Simple isn’t it?

Final Takeaway:

So let’s put it this way if you are procrastinating about that negative seller feedback on your account DON’T. Take action right away.

If you have interesting stories to share with us regarding “seller feedback removal procedure”, we would love to hear from you.

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